All our instruments are made by talented Russian proficients. Above you can see instruments available right now.


We are happy to answer any questions you have. About the instruments, masters, or anything else. We also can provide additional videos with sound of the instrument. Please contact us by e-mail or on Facebook… Yes, we do speak English.


There are high quality instruments with a bit different sound. We are the team of professional makers / tuners / musicians and personally check every handpan we provide. We guarantee solid quality level and perfect sound of all instruments we present.


All prices include shipment.


We deliver our instruments by EMS post service. Usually it takes 2-3 weeks. When you place your order please specify your country and full address, because there can be some adjustments as for delivery conditions.


We guarantee that all our instruments are sent well-tuned. We also provide a video testifying it. In case, there is any significant damage caused to the instrument during the shipment we will replace it with the other.

Step-1.. PLACING THE ORDER. Please fill the contact form that could be opened after the “BUY” button. Please put BILLING DETAILS and feel free to provide any ADDITIONAL INFORMATION.
Step-2. PAYMENT. We provide you with details on our PayPal account. We ship only after we receive 100% of purchase.
Step-3. SHIPMENT. We ship by EMS post service and provide you with tracking number.
Step-4. FEEDBACK. You receive the instrument and (if possible) please provide us with your feedback and impressions.