All our handpans are produced in Russia by talented makers. Below are instruments available for order from our Algambra online-shop.
These are high quality instruments of different level – from more basic to advanced fine sound instruments. All handpans are selected
by us, so we guarantee solid quality level and good sound of our instruments.

Pricing. All prices shown below include shipment but not include carry cases. See “Carry cases” section if you need one.

Delivery. We deliver our instruments by EMS post service. Delivery usually takes 2-3 weeks. When you place your order please specify
your country, because there can be some adjustments as for delivery conditions.

1 step. You contact us about the instrument you are interested in. We give consultations and answer you
2 step. When choice is made you make a prepayment for the instrument on our PayPal account (Account #).
The prepayment includes full price for the instrument + delivery price.
3 step. We make a shipment and provide you tracking number so that you also know the parcel whereabouts.

Important! We guarantee that all our instruments are sent well-tuned (we also provide a video testifying it).
In case, there is any significant damage caused to the instrument during the shipment we will substitute it with the other.
Damage includes: the form change of the instrument, dents or instruments getting severely out of tune.

However, we do not substitute instruments with seemingly or slightly out-of-tune notes. We accept any claims only in case proof videos are provided.